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Zestiva Taiwan Brown Sugar Aged Ginger Tea ( 10 cubes), Available in 5 Flavours

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Hand -brew in Taiwan with local ingredient , available in 5 flavours 

堅持使用台灣黑糖,製作出高品質手工黑糖塊,手工黑糖薑母茶購買推薦首選,Zestiva 黑糖口味純正、喝得到黑糖的香甜濃郁,與薑母交疊出的微辣感, 購買、品嚐過的客人都非常滿意

Put a pcs of black sugar tea in 300c-500c of hot water , stir until it melt,  With ginger slice

Weight :35g ± 3%

Individual Wrapped

Product of Taiwan


Available in five flavors

New ! 4 in 1 Ginger Black Sugar 四合一黑糖,薑母,紅棗,桂圓,枸杞

Hand -Brew With Taiwan local aged Ginger, dried Longan , Red dates , and Goji , Good for whole family


Aged Ginger Brown/Black Sugar Cubes黑糖薑母

Hand -Brew With Taiwan local aged Ginger, Good for office worker who is long hour in air –con office, good for blood circulation and warmth of the body


Winter Melon Brown/Black Sugar Cubes黑糖冬瓜

Hand -Brew With Winter Melon , Good for reduce heat. And since it contains no fat and may help to eliminate extra water in human body, winter melon tea is also named as slim tea, indicating that it might be help to loose weight.


 Goji & Chrysanthemum Brown/Black Sugar Cubes黑糖菊花枸杞

Hand -Brew With East Taiwan Organic chrysanthemum, Taiwan black Sugar and Goji Berry Can be drink cold or hot , Good for IT Worker and someone who use the computer for long hour.


 Longan and Red Dates Brown/Black Sugar Cubes紅棗桂圓黑糖

Hand -Brew With red dates & longan, red dates help replenish and nourish your blood, thus improving blood circulation. This can lead to better liver and digestive function, balance of inner body energy (qi) and improved immunity.


Original Flavour Taiwan Brown/Black Sugar 原味黑糖 (bottle 400g) Make you own Black sugar Fresh milk at home ,hand fried original flavor black sugar has rich aroma, more "round" as compare to normal sugar, add to the milk , coffee , baking as you like increase the flvour at the same time add the extra nutrients to your drinks