Manuka honey

Aoraki Peak Raw Manuka Honey UMF 10+, 500g

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  • Manuka Honey – Our premium Raw Manuka Honey is harvested from the wild bushland  of New Zealand and known for its powerful and active properties. 
  • SuperFood – Boost your everyday food with our monofloral Manuka honey or just take a spoonful a day.
  • UMF Certified – We are a member of the UMF honey association; this means that our honey meets strict grading criteria and what is stated on the label is guaranteed at a minimum. The UMF honey association certification provides confidence that the Manuka honey you are purchasing is 100% authentic. Testing certificates are available for every jar.
  • UMF 10 + - contains MGO 263+, Dietary Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a compound naturally formed in the nectar of the Manuka flower ready for collection by the honey-bee. In the case of Manuka honey the methylglyoxal is transferred into the honey, where it remains stable and is resistant to heat, light and enzymatic activity in body fluids.
  • Anti-bacterial - Every honey has some anti-bacterial qualities, which originates from the formation of hydrogen peroxide in the honey. This, however, quickly disappears when subjected to the body conditions where methylglyoxal remains stable. This phenomenon makes MGO Manuka Honey superior to other honeys.It is proven that the higher the MGO (Methylglyoxal) level in Manuka Honey, the higher the antibacterial and antiviral activity in the honey. 
  • 100% New Zealand Made – All our Honey is foraged, harvested, packed and tested in New Zealand, all our batches are independently tested, meaning you can be completely sure what you receive is 100% genuine, as stated on the jar.
  • UMF License No: 3006

    Weight: 500g

    Product of New Zealand